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The name of Joseph Brodmann, the famous Viennese piano maker, stands for more than just a product name.  The sound philosophy of Joseph Brodmann Pianos is based on the Viennese, European sound tradition…”

More and more people are turning away from today’s bright harsh sounding pianos, which have become the standard tonal sound of pianos produced for the last 25 years, and are instead seeking a richer warmer tone. The secret of the Brodmann pianos lies in the fact that they are a European designed piano, using European parts in the key areas of sound production, i.e. soundboards, hammers and strings.

Our Brodmann Models

Brodmann PE-118V

Proud owners of Brodmann pianos give many reasons for selecting our brand…

A full singing sustaining rich tone, a responsive touch, a classical timeless design and a confidence in the knowledge they have bought a piano from a company that has carefully selected its’ Brodmann dealers to provide the best advice and after-care services following the purchase of their piano.

Long term studies in education have proven that children who actively learn and play music have better social skills, are better at languages and math and develop more life-skills through this training… Music makes kids smarter is a statement which rings true and the Brodmann Company fully endorses.”

Brodmann pianos are only available from exclusive Brodmann authorized dealers.

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