Private Piano Lessons, are scheduled based on each student’s age, interest, and availability.  We offer young beginner piano students a single half-hour lesson each week.  Older or more advanced students are offered the choice of either 45 minute or one hour lessons each week.

During the school year, families may choose to formally register (Enroll) students by the semester or by the lesson (A la carte).  Enrolled students will receive priority scheduling (first choice of repeating lesson times throughout the school year).  A la carte students will be scheduled into those time slots that remain, but are offered greater scheduling flexibility (subject to availability).  All summer lessons are scheduled and billed A la carte.

Beginning A la carte students studying with an apprentice teacher may use a digital piano at home for up to 12 months.  However, students must have an acoustic piano before they can formally enroll in lessons with our studio.

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