Johannes Seiler GS-150

Johannes Seiler GS-150BLHP (Photo Courtesy of Piano Pricepoint)


5’0″ Grand Piano

          • Built in Jakarta, Indonesia
          • SMC Action with German Abel Hammers
          • German Legacy Scaling with a Warm/Natural Tone
          • Front and Rear Duplex for Fuller/Complex Overtones
          • Low Maintenance Spruce Core Miniscus Soundboard
          • Maple Capped Vertically Laminated Bridges (a Steinway-Pioneered Feature)
          • Aluminum Action Rail (Like Yamaha and Kawai)
          • Premium Beech Hardwood Rim (not Lauan)
          • Superior Wet Sand Cast Plate (not V-Pro)
          • Pure Roslau Music Wire (not plated)
          • Full Sostenuto System
          • Slow Close Fallboard
          • Colors and Finish Options Include: (Blue, Red, Wide, Ebony, Walnut, Polished and or Satin, with Brass or Nickel Hardware).

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