Seiler Super Magnetic Repetition Action (SMR)

Seiler, famed German piano maker, has been an industry leader through fine design, craftsmanship and innovation since 1849.  Seiler’s earliest breakthrough achievements include their exclusive “Membrator” Soundboard. Subsequently, they developed and implemented the Super Magnetic Repetition Action (SMR) in their premium All-German hand-built upright pianos.  Today, this technology is now available by special order in Seiler’s affordable Edward Seiler line of pianos manufactured in Indonesia.

What is it?  What does it do?

Grand piano action works similarly to an upright piano action but with a notable difference. On a grand piano, a note can be repeated without the key fully resetting (double escapement), resulting in faster repetition.  On an upright piano action, a spring helps the note reset, but requires that the action complete it’s cycle before it can be replayed. This limits a pianist’s ability to perform fast repetition.  For this reason, a grand piano is needed for most intermediate and advanced piano repertoire.

Within the Seiler SMR action, small ceramic magnets are installed in the action.  These lightweight magnets force each other apart faster and more reliably than the spring alone.  The result is very nearly equal to the best grand piano actions.

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Springs vs Magnets

As a spring compresses (or stretches) its resistance force increases linearly: (Force x Distance).  However, in a magnet, the relationship between force and distance is exponential: (Force x Distance²).  In the SMR action, this gives the jack a stronger push forward to its firing position than is possible with a spring alone.

Watch the video below to see the SMR action at work.

Who benefits from this technology?

When space is limited, a full size professional upright (vertical) is often used as an alternative to a grand piano, but with limited success.  However, Seiler’s 50″ ED-126 and/or 52″ ED-132 (equipped with Seiler’s SMR technology) are the only vertical pianos produced today that offer a grand piano touch and tone in a compact affordable design.

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