Used Piano Warranty

All MusicMasters pianos receive a minimum of a one-year warranty upon purchase. However, all pre-owned MusicMasters pianos qualify for free a free warranty extension (up to five years total) when you hire us to maintain your piano annually.

Coverage: If anything breaks or fails to function properly during the warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. This is a limited local non-transferable warranty. Warranty service to be performed by Brian Henselman or technician assigned by MusicMasters.

Replacement: If a piano cannot be repaired, MusicMasters reserves the choice to replace the piano with an identical unit (if possible) or give full in-store credit toward another MusicMasters piano of equal or greater value.

Limits: Pre-existing conditions are not covered.  Piano must remain in the Greater Austin Metroplex and maintained regularly by MusicMasters for this warranty to remain in effect. Damage, neglect and/or abuse is not covered.

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